The perfect ERP System for the Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Industry
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 ERP for the Machinery and Equipment manufacturing industry
Makers of machinery and equipment are constantly in the intense pursuit of global growth opportunities while under competitive pressure from other low cost manufacturers. Your industry is highly dependent on the health of other industries not just that of your own. Global forces can curtail new construction projects, plant expansions and other development plans. To successfully compete, machinery and equipment firms like yours require an easy to manage ERP solution with 360 degree enterprise-wide visibility and a quick implementation to enable best practices and support for your efforts to master lean manufacturing. You need the ability to monitor every process from engineering design to quotation to serialization to aftermarket sales and services. SYSPRO is a world-class scalable solution tailored to your industry-specific needs, and is committed to helping your company simplify your success.
SYSPRO Offers You:
  • Design Control - Get extensive design control with a system that allows you to manage new product development and introduction, design collaboration, incoming/receiving and in-process inspections, electronic digital signatures, materials and quality dispositions along with complaint tracking and non-conformance reporting.

  • Configuration Management- An accurate and up-to-date system with SYSPRO document control, engineering change controls, process instruction sheets, maintenance and repairs, as well as health and safety.

  • Quotation & Estimation - Achieve flexible management and accurate quoting for complex products with multiple offers, insourcing and outsourcing contracts, price and margin optimization, approved vendor list, inspections, work in process (WIP) and audit trails, as well as insightful reporting on trend analysis, supplier performance management and corrective actions.

  • Traceability - Employ a comprehensive inventory management system that enables better forecasting and planning, batch/lot and serial tracking, serialization at any point in the process, lot traceability, bar code identification, equipment life cycle management and more inventory and distribution control capabilities.
Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Resource Center

Online Video: Selecting a Mid-Market ERP Provider by AMR Research

This is an excellent video for business owners, CEOs, IT Managers, Floor Managers and other executives to understand what steps to take towards selecting the right ERP and maximizing their business processes.

Customer Story: KEN-BAR Manufacturing
SYSPRO gave Ken-Bar the tools to accurately forecast demand and tune their facilities accordingly, enabling the tightening of both production operations and accounting.

Analyst Report: Machinery & Equipment Overview and Case Study
The business climate of the machinery and equipment sector is a space that undergoes violent and large swings in demand. Makers of machinery and equipment must scale their capital intensive businesses up and down to meet the fickle demands of their industry.

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